1. ritazen:

    really late night and last minute shoot with my color muse, using all my color gels.

  2. ritazen:

    color revolog film. 

  3. ritazen:

    cloud and tree reflections in the lake with color revolog.

  4. ritazen:

    sunlight reflected on a lake with color revolog.

    last and favorite happenstance with this beautiful film - the shots were divided.

  5. ritazen:

    color studies and double-exposure instax

    love how the last one came out. 

  6. ritazen:

    Bergenline reflections pt.3

  7. ritazen:

    Bergenline reflections pt.2

  8. ritazen:

    delving deeper into my BFA, I might use these as individual prints rather than video stills.

    Bergenline reflections pt.1

  9. ritazen:

    studio homework pt.2
    playing with gels to make different colored shapes and colored shadows.

  10. ritazen:

    studio homework pt.1


  11. lightrail reflection studies.

    (Source: ritazen)

  12. ritazen:

    lightrail reflections.

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  15. (Source: ritazen)